Weight Loss and Health Benefits

Inherent Disadvantages

One of the admitted, a priori as well as a posteriori, historical facts, without any second opinion, is that “obesity is unhealthy for humans”. Some of the irreparable perils attached to obesity are heart disease, diabetes, stroke and certain cancers. Additionally, an obese person has limited career options, he can only opt for office or static type of jobs. As the body of a bulky person requires more calories for routine activities, as such, such a bloke tends to be lazier than others.


One of the major reasons of obesity is fast food. The tempting advertisements, alluring smells and different and attractive food meals that are being offered by countless fast food restaurants makes it an arduous task to resist them, even if one is not as such hungry. However, having regards to the immeasurable benefits linked with the weight loss, one can let go off these junk foods quite easily.

Endless Advantages

Having succinctly mentioned the dangers of weight gain, a non-exhaustive list of benefits immanent to weight loss is concisely deliberated upon in the succeeding paragraphs.

This latin phrase was coined by a Roman poet namely Decimus Lunius Luvenalis (Juvenal in English) that became quite famous and prevalent later on. Same basically implies that generally to have a better lifestyle and a fresh mind, one must exercise. There are mainly two methods of weight loss, exercising and dieting. Where dieting as such may not be healthy for the body, the former, without an iota of doubt, definitely is.

General Pros of Weight Loss

It has been scientifically observed that losing that extra bulk can actually help provide a better and refreshing sleep in night and it also alleviates that loud snore. Losing weight means stronger nerves and increased hormonal growth which in turn means a better and stronger sex drive because the growth of testosterones also immensely increases. Besides this, science has also observed that exercising releases a chemical called endorphin that is directly related to a person’s emotional state, henceforth, improving it as well. Elderly people often complain of joints pain, what they fail to perceive is that it is not their old age which is responsible for joints pain. Simply put, joints work a lot in a day because they more or less carry the whole weight of a person. Therefore, the less a person weighs easier it will be for joints to support the body.

For some who still think that losing weight is not worth the time, mathematically it also saves a lot of money because controlling diet means less grocery and fast food expenditure. Additionally, it strengthens the natural immune system and – surprising for most – gives a stronger memory as per the research conducted by scientists. Moreover, the will power solidifies because it takes a very strong nerve to say no to a hot zinger burger. Last but not the least; generally it increases the quality and quantity of life.

The benefits associated with weight loss (irrespective of the method adopted) cannot be stressed more. In short, whether one is motivated by the health related benefits, to save money or just to look more attractive; weight loss is omni-beneficial.